Diana Rongish

Markentry USA Partner


With more than 20 years of international experience in training and consulting, she has led several customized programs, with the use of efficient tools in multicultural team management, Benchmarking, Market Research, Human Talent, and Technology to improve the effectiveness in growth strategies, and the development of companies and professionals in the United States, Spain and Latin America.

Coach and Mentor accredited in Leadership and intercultural development. Her professional profile stands out for being strategic and focused on achieving objectives in the complexity of cultural differences in a global world.

Her passion is to connect with colleagues from different parts of the world and with diverse professional backgrounds.  Her career has led her to live and work in different parts of the world such as: Bogotá, Barcelona, Michigan, California, Nebraska, and Missouri.

As Founder and CEO of Connpas Solutions & Learning, her vision is to provide effective solutions to help companies and professionals develop their individual and team skills to optimize multicultural management.

Her academic career is: Bachelor’s in business administration with International MBA, PMP (Project Management) in PMI, Specialized in Psychology of the Consumer, Master in Neurolinguistic Programming, Coach Accredited by ICF and Certified Mentor by Deluxe Corporation.