About Us

Markentry USA is a registered Trade Name of InnoSky, LLC, a Maryland Business based in the Washington DC metropolitan area created in 2014

Our mission is to achieve a successful entry into the US Market for our clients: foreign companies, entrepreneurs, executives and professionals.

Our founder and CEO is Gonzalo Garcia, an entrepreneur born and raised in Spain who lives in Washington DC since 2004. He has led for more than 17 years multiple internationalization projects for companies from different sectors, particularly for their entry into the US market through organic growth or through acquisitions.

Our Team of Partners includes multi-cultural experts with a deep understanding of the issues faced by businesses and professionals entering the US Market. They cover a wide spectrum of sectors, capabilities and locations in the US and abroad.

Our Network of Experts includes a wide variety of professionals, with a long trajectory in their industry in the USA, who occupy key positions in reference organizations. They collaborate by providing knowledge or contacts of enormous value to achieve the success of the project, either in direct interactions with our clients or supporting the work led by our Partners.

We offer a broad catalogue of services for companies and entrepreneurs, as well as services for executives and professionals, covering all their needs. Our team provides a wide geographical and multisectoral network, with presence in the main US cities and experience in a wide variety of industries.