David Medina

Markentry USA Partner

David Medina is a chemical engineer who is growing at the intersection between cell biology and nanotechnology, and an entrepreneur with an extensive focus on biologically synthesized nanomaterials for revolutionary medical applications. A proud alumnus of Northeastern University, he was conferred with a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering, with a pioneering emphasis on combatting both antimicrobial resistance to antibiotics (AMR) and chemotherapy-resistant tumors. This academic venture fortified his expertise in fields ranging from chemistry, nanotechnology, and microbiology to cell biology and oligonucleotide non-viral delivery. Over this time, David published multiple peer-reviewed articles and wrote several patents.

Prior to his current endeavors, David channeled his expertise into groundbreaking research on non-viral platforms for the delivery of human artificial chromosomes (HAC) and made significant contributions to the optimization of tRNA therapeutics for rare diseases. Beyond pure research, David created a unified research effort team -The Green Chemistry Lab- where he crafted a research niche at his former lab that soon became the crucible for emerging startups, with ventures that include SynCell Biotechnology, Nanolyx Inc, and Novaurum Biosciences, each with a unique mission to revolutionize biotech and cleantech applications.

With a wealth of experience, David has graciously donned the mentor’s hat, guiding burgeoning startups through platforms like MIT Solve, Nucleate, and NEU, bridging the challenging gaps in the biotech/medtech entrepreneurial journey. Beyond the world of startups, David boasts of a commendable tenure in leadership and finance, serving diligently as a board member, CFO, and treasurer for the nationwide scientific nonprofit ECUSA (Spanish Scientists in the US).

David is fluent in both Spanish and English.