Spanish Wine Pre-Selling Program

Exclusive, limited-time promotion of Spanish Wines for U.S. importers

Get free samples of up to 24 different types of wine and join us for a free trip to Spain to visit 5 wineries from several DOs

  • Choose 4 or more wine producers from a catalogue of 12 top producers from different parts of Spain. Each producer offers 2 types of wine for this program.
  • Receive free samples from each of the 2 types of wine from the selected producers
  • If you are interested, order at any time more wine directly from each producer
  • Join us for a trip to Spain in October 2021 to visit 5 different wineries from different Denominations of Origin, our treat!!
  • Priority for future programs, which we plan to expand significantly
  • Process Certificates of Label Approval (COLAs) for the samples you get
  • Assume costs linked to reception of samples on U.S. soil (customs, tariffs, etc)
  • Share samples with some of your distributors and clients

Supported by several leading organizations from the US and Spain

Bringing to you wines from 12 top producers

Click on each producer’s logo to access their website and learn more about them.

They cover a wide range of Denominations of Origin, including Navarra, Ribera del Duero, Rioja, Rioja Alavesa, Tierra de Castilla, Tierra del Vino de Zamora and Valencia.

Apply now to get a full catalogue providing detailed information about each producer, wine tasting notes and ex-cellar prices 

About the trip to Spain...

In this trip, as a closure of the program, you will be able to visit 5 wineries from different Denominations of Origin in Spain. Discover the origin of each wine and the great wealth of the country´s wine sector.

Free for you! The program covers the costs of the round trip to Spain, ground transportation, visits to wineries, hotels and meals. You can bring one guest who will need to cover the cost of his/her round trip to Spain. 

APPLY NOW! Limited time, open to a small number of importers...

The program is open to U.S. importers based in any state, with a well established network of distributors from several states and interested in adding new wines from Spain to their catalogues.

APPLY BEFORE AUGUST 27th 2021 to receive additional information about the program including the complete catalogue of wines offered and other details. We have a limited number of positions available.

Your information will not be sold or shared with others. We will only use it for this program and to let you know about future extensions.